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Who is Megan Margot?

Megan Margot is an internet blogger/vlogger who has been sharing her tips on lifestyle, health and weight loss for the last few years.

She has twelve hundred followers on Facebook, 11 thousand followers on Instagram, and well over 93,000 subscribers on Youtube!

Megan has shared her life story throughout her videos and blog posts, and one which will interest a lot of people is her video on how she lost over 60 pounds of fat, because she was totally unsatisfied with the way she looked.

Megan Margot on Youtube

The first video she posted was in November, 2015. In this video she shared her move into her new house, which started off bare, but compared to todays videos, you can see how she has gained success with a huge social media following.

If you’re interested to know how she lost 60 pounds of body weight, we wrote a blog post here, which includes her video.

Megan Margot on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

Youtube videos are Megan’s mainstream, for sharing her lifestyle tips, but you can also find here on the following social media platforms.