How To Tone Your Butt With The Stepper

See how you can tone your butt on a stepper, using this great workout so exercising on a step machine doesn’t get boring. You don’t just have to step up and down! Amazing.

Obsessing Over How Much You Eat

Junk food versus healthy food for 200 calories! You’ll be surprised how much celery and other healthy snacks you can eat, but beware of adding dips to those snacks!

What to Eat Every Day to Lose Fat

Learn what to eat every day in order to help you lose fat. A calorie is not just a calorie, so you can’t just cut down the calories and keep eating the same junk you might have eaten previously. Look at your food. Is it healthy?

Lose 60 Pounds Like Megan Margot

Learn how to lose 60 pounds of body fat like social media girl, Megan Margot. Some really helpful tips here, particularly about dieting and lifestyle changes, that work!

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