Which Are the Top Stair Stepper Brands

stepper brandsHere is a list of the top stair stepper brands which manufacture some of the fest home fitness machines. While some brands also produce other sports and fitness equipment such as stationary bikes, treadmills and elliptical cross trainers, many focus specifically on producing stair steppers.

Stamina Products Inc

Makers of the bestselling Stamina Instride Electronic Stepper and a wide range of other fitness equipment, Stamina offer top quality products ranging from exercise and workout DVDs to the Stamina AeroPilates exercise machine.

Phoenix Fitness Products

Phoenix are a diverse manufacturer of all kinds of fitness and sports equipment, which ranges from baseball memorabilia to top of the range motorized treadmills. I couldn’t mention Phoenix without of course mentioning the Denise Austin Dual Actual Stepper, endorsed by America’s TV queen herself.

Sunny Health and Fitness

Sunny Health and Fitness have been manufacturing high quality mini steppers and other fitness products for over ten years, together with strength training equipment & wellness products (like foot massager’s) as well as fitness equipment.

Stairmaster Steppers

Stairmaster steppers were of course the pioneers of stepper machines over twenty five years ago. Expensive, but brilliant! The Stairmaster Stepmill is dubbed the ‘hardest workout in the gym’ by many fitness professionals. If you have the money to spend, my recommendation is to get a Stairmaster stepper!

Precor EMEA – Amer Sports

Precor is a name I know very well, because I use their premium gym equipment in the gym I attend. Smooth mechanics make these fitness steppers make Precor a top notch name to consider when purchasing any of their fitness equipment. They manufacture commercial stair steppers along with mini steppers, treadmills and elliptical trainers.


At first glance, a Xiser stepper looks incredibly heavy but this is not so, because it weighs a mere fourteen pounds. Durable and lightweight, the Xiser steppers have a weight capacity of 400 pounds and boast a quiet adjustable resisted movement.

Our Top Tip For Buying a Stair Stepper

Choose your brand and model of stepper wisely, and remember that you mostly get what you pay for.

If you have a slight build, then you won’t need to worry too much about being too heavy for one of the cheaper models.

However, if you are slightly overweight, then you may need to invest a little more money and buy a stepper that is durable, strong and won’t break after the first workout.

We recommend one of the Xiser units. They are usually more expensive, but you will be pounding it’s peddles for the next ten years or so.

Fitness Manufacturers Mentioned on This Page:

1 – Stamina Products Inc
2 – Phoenix Fitness Products
3 – Sunny Health and Fitness
4 – StairMaster Fitness Products
5 – Precor EMEA – Amer Sports
6 – Xiser

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