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Avoid the 'Mine field' of Choice!

There is a lot of different stair steppers available. Some may suit your requirements like your budget and fitness/health status, while others may look like they could be a great addition to your home gym, but actually are rather cheaply made.

For anybody searching for their first stepper, the internet offers you a 'mine field' of choices. So we have created a Buyers Guide which you either read or download and read at your own convenience. We will help you choose the the right stair stepper, mini stepper or elliptical trainer by breaking down the differences, the pro's and the con's of our top choices.

The guide is split up into the different types of stair steppers you can choose from:

You can read or download our Stair Stepper Buyers Guide here.

Once you have decided on the type of stair stepper you want, we have reviewed and recommended the top 3 steppers or trainers in each category, so we can recommend a top range machine or stepper to suit every budget.