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horizon fitness ex 59So you've got your heart set on losing weight, looking great and feeling better about yourself and the way you look. That is a really good thing, but deciding how you go about it is another matter. Do you join a gym? Do you take up running or do you get a shiny hunk of aluminum or steel and pound it in you home?

Did you know that for almost every fitness machine that you will find in a paid gym, there is a smaller and lighter version (or sometimes even the same machine) that you can use in front of your television, in your kitchen or on your patio, on a beautiful summers day?

Of course, personal preference will ultimately decide if you want to pay a fortune for a gym membership or exercise at home.

So, we have included this new section to our website that will help you choose the best type of stair stepper, elliptical trainer or other fitness equipment, that will suit both your budget and your needs.