Things You Need to Know Before Losing Weight

Before you embark on a new lifestyle, do your due diligence on every aspect of fat loss and exercise.

In the following video, you will learn a few tips from Crystal and hopefully you won’t make the same mistakes as she did. Although she looks great now, after losing 240 pounds of body fat, she has regrets which she openly shares with her viewers.

Tips from the video:

1. Constant struggle of keeping your weight down – You need to be consistent, because if your body is prone to gaining weight, when you veer from your new diet/lifestyle, you will start to gain weight, instead of staying lean.

There are many factors involved in weight loss, particularly for a woman who have more hormones to deal with every month!

2. Fat girl mentality – It’s mentally draining to wake every morning and feel like you’re twice the weight you actually are. When you care about how you look, it’s frustrating to go from not caring about such things, to focusing and not seeing results each morning.

3. Low blood pressure and low blood sugar – A keto diet can pull down your blood pressure and lower your blood sugar, making you feel completely drained. If you are eating a keto diet, you must be consistent with providing your body the right amount of calories, or you will crash.

4. Hair fallout – When you go on a strict diet out of nowhere, it has a toll on your body, and even your hair. If you are making a huge change to your diet, make sure you get the right nutrients from the food you intend to eat. If not, make sure you supplement your food.

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