A Sugar Detox Diet :: 21 Days to Lose Belly Fat!

One of the biggest problems and killers, in todays society .. is sugar!

It’s in almost every type of food we consume, with higher amounts in processed foods, particularly breakfast cereals. The human body needs sugar to function, but not in the amounts found in packets of crunchy orange and green cereals, and definitely not in the amounts found in fizzy drinks.

The nineties ‘low fat fad’ saw people gaining weight, and developing many types of health conditions, often resulting in cancer disease. The problem with pretty much all them ‘low fat’ foods was that they were rammed full of sugar.


Food Manufacturers Misled Us!

The general population was led to believe by food manufacturers, via mainstream media, that these low fat foods were good for us.


In fact, if they had left the fat in the foods and not added any sugar, there would probably be a lot less disease around today, twenty years later.

So, when I see a video on reducing sugar intake, no matter what it claims to offer the viewer, I like to take a look. And the following video seems to fit the bill.

Take a look.


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