Starting Over :: New Plan for 10% Body Fat

Christmas is out of the way. New Years Resolutions were set. Dry January was all set to go, and a new focus on diet had been imprinted on my mind for the whole of September.

I need to lose a bit of weight I have put on over the last few months (illness and work load had a huge impact on my health and my weight).


On New Years Eve, there was a huge family dispute which set me back weeks, if not months.

The New Plan to Get Down to 10% Body Fat

Starting yesterday.

  • Add 30 minutes of daily cardio
  • Reduce Carbohydrate intake, apart from leg training days and back training.
  • Increase protein intake to 1.5 grams per pound of lean body-mass.
  • Change sleep pattern from ‘chaotic’ to set bed times and wake up times.
  • Walk the dog for a minimum of one hour per lunch time.
  • Consume all sugar around training.

I Will Keep You Posted on My Progress!

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