Stair Stepper Vs Bike

On the grand scale of things, there is not much difference between the stair stepper vs an exercise bike. Both machines work the lower body.

However, and depending on how much space you have, or how much money you have spare to invest in a home exercise machine, the stepper is the winner every time in our book.

This video explains more.

My Thoughts on an Exercise Bike Versus a Stair Stepper

With the stepper, you’ll work your calf muscles more isometrically, meaning you’ll gain more definition, in less time. But, if you’re going to choose a stationary bike, get an upright one not a reclined bike, because you’ll keep your posture secure.

A seated bike lets you sit down and relax, while you concentrate on your leg muscles.

That’s great for someone in a rehabilitation mode, but for someone looking to lose fat, not so much.

Tips for Home Stepping!

If you want to achieve maximum fat loss, choose a stair stepper with resistance bands.


Because, while you step away with your legs, you could also exercise your complete upper body using resistance training, which will add to your overall calorie burn.

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