Lose 60 Pounds Like Megan Margot

I was searching on Youtube for some great weight loss videos and came across a channel by Megan Margot.

I must confess that I don’t know who she is, maybe just a social media vlogger and some of her videos have nothing to do with fitness or weight loss.


I admire her because she was brave enough to share her story of losing 60 pounds of body fat, including photo’s of herself, before and after!


Here are the points she made in her video:

1. Drink water – change your liquid consumption from sodas and juice, because they are high in sugar, to drinking water and green tea.

2. Only eat until you’re almost full, not completely full, because your brain takes a while to get the message from your stomach that you don’t need to eat any more food.

3. Swap to healthy carbohydrate options.

4. Eat from a smaller plate, because you’ll avoid over eating.

5. Eat spicy food, because it contains capsaicin, which boosts your metabolism.

6. Don’t tempt yourself – if junk food is not in your cupboard, you can’t eat it!

7. Keep pictures of what you want to look like, on your phone and everywhere you look.

8. Weigh yourself only once a week, because your weight fluctuates a lot.

9. Don’t be afraid of lifting weights in the gym, because it will help speed up your metabolism and help you lose weight.

10. Use others as a motivation – even use celebrities as motivation, if they can find the time to work out, so can you!

11. Don’t diet – change your lifestyle instead, because you’re more likely to stick with things and achieve your weight loss and body goals.

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