How To Tone Your Butt With The Stepper

With Christmas and New Year out of the way, you can finally get back to a normal exercise regime (if you wandered from your path slightly!) In the following 5 minute youtube video, Lydia Dinga shows you here Stepper Booty Blaster workout.

You see people in the gym look like they are bored using a stair stepper, but Lydia shows you how to make even the most tedious of exercises more exciting .. and it obviously works!

Points from the Video:

  • 2 minute warm up walk
  • 2 minutes lateral walk
  • 2 minutes reverse walk
  • 2 minutes leg extensions walk
  • Accelerated walk into a sprint
  • 30 seconds sprint
  • Recover
  • Sprint until you tire
  • Recover
  • Lateral side left leg raise for 2 minutes
  • Lateral side right leg raise for 2 minutes
  • Deep reverse walk for one minute
  • Stair skip 2 minutes walk each leg

In the video, Lydia is actually using a stairmaster stepper, which you generally only find in membership gyms. But you could modify this workout to your home step machine quite easily.

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