Learn How to Safely Use a Stepper Machine

Stepper Machines are not just popular fitness machines in a membership gym, they have quickly become even more popular home fitness machines.

This is because they are easy to use, they work every muscle in the lower body and burn hundreds of calories, when used correctly. And depending if you get one of the more higher priced models, stair steppers can come with a few neat gadgets and electronic dashboard gimmicks, that make burning fat and losing weight, a lot more fun.

Steppers Are Fun to Use at Home

In the following video, you can learn how to safely use a stepper at home, or even at the gym.

Some points from the video:

  • How to use perfect form while stepping
  • Works your hamstrings, quadriceps and glutes
  • Follow the directions on your machine
  • Choose your pre-set workout to suit your needs
  • Enter your age, gives you a target heart rate
  • Hands need to be over, not under and be relaxed
  • Don’t let the pedal hit the top or bottom of the movement
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