Gold’s Gym Personal Trainer on Using a Stairmaster

Golds gym personal trainer Tanya Batts teaches how to safely use a stepper machine in this instructional video.

The stepper machine used in this video is a stairmaster stepper (stepmill), which means it is a rotation machine, immitating a revolving staircase.

Tanya shows a few ways of exercising in this video, and one way you should not use it, for safety reasons. I too, have seen the ‘reverse stepping’, but have to admit, it is very dangerous, particularly if you are a newcomer to stepping machines.

You simply don’t know when the next step is coming, because you are facing backwards on the machine!

Video tips:

  1. Hold on to the handles at all times
  2. Turn sideways and you can work your inner and outer thighs more directly
  3. Muscles worked are the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and calves
  4. Great cardio
  5. Tightens and tones your butt

It is easy to get a good rythm working out on the stairmaster, because you can use the variable speed control to adjust the speed of your workout.

This will allow you, especially if you are a beginner, to get used to the new motion of the rotating staircase.

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