10 Minute Fasted Cardio of the Stairmaster

Fitness girl, Carib Spice shows you a ten minute fasted cardio workout on one of the worlds best known, and original step machine, the Stairmaster!

Here, Carib shows you some tips to get the most out stairmaster steppers whether in the gym, or if you’re fortunate to own one for your home/garage gym.

My Thoughts on the Video

This is a great little video showing you how to correctly use the Stairmaster. Don’t hold on the side rails, as this reduces the amount of calories you can burn, plus, this machine really works the whole lower body.

Carib also talks about two types of cardio, fasted cardio and fed cardio. Fasted is where your insulin levels are low, and you can burn the most amount of fat, doing slow and steady cardio. This is done first thing in the morning, right after you wake up.

Fed cardio is where you exercise during the day, after you’ve eaten a meal or two. Your insulin levels are higher, so you can afford to exercise that much faster to burn fat.

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