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Andy is a personal trainer and 30 year gym veteran, who has helped countless people to achieve their fitness and weight loss goals.

Starting out as a surveyor in the civil engineering industry, spending 10 hours a day locked up in an office never suited Andy. He knew he more to offer the world, than just crunching numbers and chasing people for money, although his body builder stature sure made collecting very easy!

The Stepup4Fitness website was created to bring you fitness tips, healthy lifestyle options and fitness product reviews, which help you choose the right machine for your home or home gym.

We have reviewed the top 3 stair steppers and top 3 mini steppers which you can use at home, plus, if you are a real newbie to healthy living at home, we have created a stair stepper buyers guide to help you decide what type of fitness machine you should choose.

Stair steppers are the number one home fitness machine used in thousands of homes, right across the world. They help the user to achieve their home fitness weight loss goals, plus there are a range of mini steppers you can choose from to suit a lower budget.

There are countless articles on our site which help you filter out the nonsense which you can read on the web, about achieving the perfect body.

And we have added a blog, where we will be sharing tips, ideas and advice, including videos and other great stuff, to help you achieve your fitness goals.

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