Are You Afraid of Your Legs and Rest of Your Body Getting Bulky by Lifting Weights

This is a question that most women think is true. In particular, legs and butt! The same can be said for exercise machines. Can an elliptical machine or stair stepper build leg muscles. Well, yes. But not in the way you are probably thinking.

Lets watch the video and find out if YOU will get ‘HUGE’ by lifting a bit of metal!

The Myth is debunked..! There is only a certain type of woman or man that will get really bulky by lifting weights. And you certainly won’t get huge, muscular chunky legs by using any kind of home fitness machine.

There is absolutely no reason why anyone should not be lifting weights (unless they have a medical condition). But please remember to consult your doctor before embarking on a fitness program that includes doing weights.

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